Dr Angela Caddick.



Dr Angela Caddick

Covid Vaccination Update.


Currently we have no access to the Covid Vaccine.


To ensure correct priority of vaccination we are following the Kanton of Zürich guidelines




Anybody under 75 with no pre-conditions please wait further advice from the Kanton of Zürich.


If you are over 75 please make your own appointment




If you are under 75 and have any of the conditions below, you are a priority. Unfortunately the Kanton of Zürich system is not able to take appointments.We will update this message as soon as we have information about how you can make an appointment.


List of conditions for under 75 patients to qualify for the Covid vaccine.

Heart failure or symptoms ( such as angina) despite medical treatment.

High blood pressure- uncontrolled above 160 with cardiac complications or end organ damage.

Lung disease- COPD ab GOLD II, Emphysema/Bronchiectas, Lung Fibrossis, reduced lung capacity

Chronic Kidney disease GFR 30

Diabetes Typ 1 or 2 with organ damage or Hba1c above 8.

Adiposity BMI above 35

Immunodeficiency - Malignant haematology disease

Cancer Under treatment

Immune diseases such as SLE,RA,Psoriasis,chronic gastric ie Ulcerative colitis , Crohn’s that you are requiring steroid or biological treatment.

HIV infection from CD4 T cell <200.

Organ transplant or stem cell transplant or on the waiting list for an organ transplant.

If you are unsure whether you qualify please contact your specialist for confirmation.


Many thanks for your patience.